Customised services!

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Customised services 

Advantages of purchasing from the steel Service Center:

  • Customers' technological and production processes can be shortened, thus their resources are relieved for more concentrated technological development
  • Optimisation of material loss at the enduser
  • Substantial reduction in the material stock level, resulting in free capacities
  • Technological cooperation
  • Technical advice

Quality, proficiency, reliability

Our operation is well organised, we can provide the products ordered by customers within the shortest possible time. This is backed up by our systematically built up warehouse, our quality management system is complying with standards of logistics and the MSZ EN ISO 9001 standards, and our good relations with raw materials suppliers. Therefore we are able to meet such challenges as the just in time deliveries. The STEEL SERVICE CENTER has been designed in every aspect to meet the state-of-the-art international requirements. In its particular SSC has been adjusted arising in this region, and to the foreseenable changes in the market.

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More than steel

SSC splitting machine SSC splitting machine We produce  only reliable quality products in the STEEL SERVICE CENTER, stored with product protection, furnished with quality certificate, meeting the product liability requirements, such as: 

  • Hot and cold rolled, as well as coated, pickled slit stips, bundled and packed according to the customers' specifications.
  • Hot and cold rolled, as well as coated or pickled cut-to-size sheets, bundled and packed according to the customers specifications.
  • Plasma and laser cut products.

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