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DUTRADE Steels Product Processing and Trading Co., (DUTRADE ZRT) is a Hungarian steel producer with a long tradition, it is a member of the ISD DUNAFERR Group. DUTRADE ZRT has been running a domestic steel distribution network of ISD DUNAFERR ZRT since 1992. The first Steel Service Center in Hungary was established by its own investment.

Owing to its good formability and useability for various purposes, steel can be considered as the basic matierial of the 21st century. All users can take advantage of the favourable properties of steel if the required products are available in appropriate quality, volume and size at the right time. This task is fulfilled by the dealers who have storage facilities worldwide. They offer not only high quality products but also provide high level services customised to individual customer needs.  So their partners can purchase their raw material and solutions optimised for them in a simplier, faster and more economical way.  


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